Nurturing Tomorrow’s Elite (under 18yrs)

Duration: 3 Hours, Cost: £45 pp

Aimed at Coaches, Managers, PE Teachers and Parents

The legacy of the London 2012 Olympics has had a profound effect on today’s youth, with an increase in sports participation and improving success. In addition to this, Coaches, Managers, Teachers, and Parents are also inspired to support those they are in the care of to greater achievements and more fulfilling experiences.

The initial workshop will help you develop a foundation of knowledge, tools, and techniques to aid teams and individuals who you are associated with. Explore the significance of child development, psychosocial stages, sports psychology, and the ever important mental wellbeing.  Develop your own integrated approach to coaching and support to encourage and facilitate a more rounded, congruent athlete.

Summary of Content:

  • Identify the main concerns for coaches/teachers/parents within sport
  • Explore child development and key stages which connect with sport
  • Identify symptoms and causes of anxiety, low mood, low self esteem etc…
  • Physiological implications from psychological mechanisms
  • Importance of self awareness, how our own experiences play a part in others
  • Ethical issues, Child protection, Boundaries, what are the limits?
  • An introduction into basic assessment tools and techniques  for addressing concerns

Richard Cave is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and trained Psychotherapist. He also holds a BSc Honours Degree in Psychology and Sport Science and is a FA Level 1 Coach. The Northern Compass has also featured on BBC Radio Newcastle and Tyne Tees News providing insight into mental health and Sports psychology

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