Having worked in the area of psychology and therapeutic counselling for several years I am aware of the increased number of individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression and the many other psychological and emotional ailments. Those who participate in sport are not immune. In addition to this, participation in sport has increased significantly in the last 2 years. Also access to sport and athletics has increased for individuals with disabilities. The difficulties and obstacles which can be faced may often prevent the individual to not only achieve sporting success but personal achievements.

As all athletes and sports men and women are aware, to compete at any level requires a great deal of energy physically, psychologically and emotionally. It is under this stress that the performance impacting symptoms are observed such as lack of confidence/low self esteem, motivation, concentration, increased anxiety etc.

These experiences can be a reaction to an immediate situation (i.e. return from significant or minor injury, change of coach/manager etc.) However, they are more likely to be the result of deeper issues as a result of personal historic experiences. Where traditional sports psychology can resolve the immediate issue, it may not resolve the deeper conflict and as a result the issues are likely to resurface time and time again.

The Northern Compass is providing a unique service where a foundation in sports psychology and several years of professional experience of Therapeutic counselling is combined to provide a secure base for change and personal development. The service provided will not only help address the immediate affects any symptoms are having on performance but address the underlying issue which can originate from any point in an individual’s life and development.

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