June 2016 – 7 ways to deal with the heartbreak when your team loses

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Well its that time of year again; when your favourite team loses. The way competition is arranged there can only be one winner (or a few if you include league cups etc…). However there will always be a team or individual who will have failed to meet our expectations.

Losses are inevitable and we have to learn to deal with them in a healthy manner. Here are 7 things that will help you cope with your favourite team’s loss:


Demonstrated above is the classic ‘Surrender Cobra’, a favourite of a disapointed football fan. 

1. Exercise

While going for a run might just be the last thing you want to do after watching your team lose, many studies have shown that exercise has immense health benefits including some immediate ones. Exercising will help release hormones which make you feel better. Some of them are:

  • Endorphins – feel-good hormones which block feelings of pain
  • Dopamine – hormones released when you feel pleasure, so working out will certainly help mitigate some of the pain of losing.
  • Serotonin – another chemical hormone which increases when you workout and will lead to more restful sleep.

2. Relive the past

Spend some time on twitter and you will witness many fans delving into their past to somehow scrape enough memories of victory. Some say this has been the Liverpool fans go-to therapy to stay happy for almost the last quarter of a century as they saw their northwest rivals Manchester United win again and again. So next time your team loses, just watch some youtube highlights of the glory years (just the odd game for some unfortunately).

3. Realise it’s just a game

Many no sports fans cannot understand why people get so upset about a sport. After all, what’s football more than 22 guys chasing a spherical object or cricket more than a guy trying to hit a something out of the park? It’d be good to remember that there are far more important things in life than your team’s wins and losses. You have your studies, your job, your family or whatever else you care about other than some random group of individuals playing a sport.

4. Write down your thoughts

While exercising is a great distraction for dealing with pent-up rage another way is to jot down your thoughts. Writing will help you channelize your thoughts and putting pen to paper is a harmless way to release your anger.

5. Load up on feel-good foods

This does not mean traditional junk foods like fries, burgers, samosas or pizza. While those foods might give you comfort for a short amount of time, they’re likely to cause obesity in the long run. Instead try out some foods like dark chocolate, nuts, spinach, green tea and fatty fish. All of them will help lower your stress levels without wrecking your health.

6. Get close to a loved one

Intimacy is the ultimate stress buster by releasing feel-good hormones like oxytocin. This also follows on from one of the previous tips as it can help you realise the important things in life. Closeness with a partner is excellent way of forgetting yourself. However playing with your children and simply becoming silly can help reframe how you feel about recent events.

7. Think about the opposing fans

We know they are the last group of people you want to think about right now about but think about the sheer joy your opposing fans are feeling right now. Aren’t they allowed some semblance of joy? Having spoke to a few people over the last 24 hours, it is clear that most are happy toward Iceland and their recent dismantling of England, and its clear that it does change the individuals mood and perspective for the better.

If all else fails… switch the TV channel and support a different sport with high odds of success.

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