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Therapeutic Services Update: Low Intensity Therapeutic Support

Counselling and therapies would normally be provided in intensive weekly appointments, over a period of weeks and months. This is a very effective way of treating the significant psychological and emotional ailments we can often experience.

However, two things have become more evident over recent years

1. Individuals complete a course of treatment and want to experience their new found self on their own. However, they feel that occasional contact with a therapist would help with the transition.
2. ‘High functioning’ individuals who don’t usually experience significant psychological or emotional impairment, are experiencing greater pressures. They become aware of an increase in stress, anxiety, and/or low mood. Intensive treatment may not be needed, but some support is wanted.


– Early identification of developing maladaptive processes
– Early intervention to address potential issues
– Helps to provide emotional and psychological stability during demanding times
– Greater personal development can lead to more positive relationships
– Can also aid in improving physical health

Scenarios which may benefit: (List is not exhaustive)
– Continuing low level depression/anxiety/stress
– On going personal development
– Support during prolonged/terminal illness (either yourself or family)
– Bereavement
– Major life changes (I.e. During pregnancy or newly born child, new job or demanding project work, education)
– Occupational Health, support to maintain attendance at work
– Sports, prolonged injury, pending/post retirement, changes in environment

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